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Join our 3 month Marketing Partners Program (starts from the day you sign our agreement) and
get a special sign up link from us that you share with people and then they can join Rewire through you.
In simple words, it's a referral program, earn EUR 40 for each of your referrals that have sent
at least EUR 50 (one time payment/per new active user).

How to qualify for the program?

  • Register by clicking on “Join us Today”
  • Set up a Rewire account (that’s where we pay all your earnt commissions)
  • Order your Rewire MasterCard
  • Contact Rini Gupta (details at the bottom) 
  • Attend our online training session (1 hour max.)  
  • Spread the word of Rewire on all online and offline platforms (with your special link)
  • Build your network and earn more from the program
  • Join our suited Community page/s on FB (Community links for all communities)
Rewire Mastercard
Rewire Online Banking

What do your customers get?

  • 2 Free Transfers
  • EU IBAN account with Free Debit Card and great FX rates for remittances and low fees
  • Exclusive news on all our contests and offers
  • Benefits of generic referral program (They send regular invites from Rewire and earn EUR 20, when someone joins and send EUR 90)

Where can Rewire’s customers send money to? Nigeria, Philippines, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Ghana and Kenya.

We love compliance

Rewire takes regulations and laws very seriously – our operations depend on it.
As a Marketing partner, you should not solicit users who you have reason to believe may be acting unlawfully or not in good faith, including (but not limited to):
– Fraud
– Money Laundering
– Terrorism Financing
– Individuals may be subject to sanctions
Commission will not be paid for soliciting users discovered to have “Red Flags

Chinyere Megwas
Chinyere MegwasNigeria
The most important thing I love about Rewire is that I can send money home at any moment, 24 hours.
Kharen Endler
Kharen EndlerPhilippines
It's just easy – one click then go, it's there. I'm recommending Rewire to everyone.
Pavan Kumar Kari
Pavan Kumar KariIndia
Rewire is transparent and inexpensive. The exchange rates are the best on the market.
Nweze Victor
Nweze VictorNigeria
I newly discovered Rewire and it has been an efficient and trusted way of sending my money home.

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